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Tired of disjointed, inefficient systems for scheduling and staffing? Check out how Kevala is changing the game with one, centralized place for all your staffing needs.

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Care Aide | AM shift
Care Aide | AM shift
Care Aide | AM shift

Streamlined tools to make staffing your competitive advantage

Kevala is an all-in-one healthcare staffing platform dedicated to helping facilities save time and money

Reach any pool of talent instantly

Save time and money filling shifts with direct communication. Notify your full time employees via text or email when there are open shifts. No one available? Share those shift details with your float pools or agency without any extra effort.

Internal employee shift communication
Float pool management
Agency vendor management
Tiered shift notifications
Publish settings
Publish to internal
Publish to float
Publish to agency
Eliminate double bookings & shift miscues

Tired of the constant email, text, and phone call back and forth with employees and agencies to fill open shifts? Centralize your communication and your staffing stakeholders in one place to increase efficiency and save time.

One, live schedule with all the latest updates
Automated notifications via text or email
Smart workflows to avoid double bookings or no shows
Emergency shift alert!

Dec 21, 6 am–2 pm at Samsara Living Blue Lake. Press YES to accept shift

You  have been accepted

You’re now scheduled for the Dec 21, 6 am–2 pm shift at Samsara Living Blue Lake

Gain control and get proactive with important data

Staffing is hard and your staffing team is reacting to unforeseen events, doing their best to keep your operations running. Often that leaves the facility with late invoices and no visibility, 30-90 days later. Get data and analytics that you've never had before to actually get better at staffing.

Board-ready staffing reports
Forward-looking and predictive agency usage data
Dashboards with recommended actions

For everyone in healthcare

Built to streamline operations from top to bottom
For Owners

Staffing is one of the largest operating expenses in a healthcare facility, often managed with outdated systems and processes and no insight. Discover a new level of visibility with Kevala.

For Operators

Keep your facilities fully staffed without breaking the bank. Get daily, weekly or monthly updates on staffing in your healthcare facilities to optimize costs and stay in compliance.

For Schedulers

Save over 10 hours a week scheduling and coordinating staff. With Kevala, you’ll get a smart schedule that pulls in staff to cover gaps so you don’t have to.

"Staffing isn't an issue for us anymore. We have full shifts without the crazy agency bills.”

Annie Wingard
Executive Director, Skilled Nursing Facility

“Kevala saves me 10 hours a week. It literally takes me 5 minutes to plug in shifts and share."

Amanda Johnson
Scheduling Coordinator, Assisted Living Facility

“Staffing was our biggest challenge. Now I have great peace knowing if there is a need for registry there is a simple, efficient, effective method to obtain those services.”

Daniel Richardson
Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facility

"I've been doing staffing for 20 years and this is the best thing to happen to staffing since I started"

Connie Donaldson
Coordinator, Staffing and Purchasing

"I’m so excited. I posted and within an hour, shifts were being picked up. It's so easy to post and approve."

Kim Delgado
Executive Director, Assisted Living Facility

Start staffing smarter today


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