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Intelligent staffing and scheduling for your full-time, part-time, float, and agency staff all in one place

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Make staffing your competitive advantage

Maximize employee engagement and retention with smart, flexible scheduling

Stop managing internal employees in one place and external, agency, or travel staff somewhere else. By centralizing all of your scheduling activity with any labor pool in one place, you’ll get full control and visibility into the complete picture of staffing operations.

Credential management
Vendor management
Float pool management

Float, trade, and incentivize your internal staff to pick up any available shift. See employees work across departments, units, or facilities with increased engagement and productivity. 

Open shift communication
Dynamic shift rates
Internal & external staff shift pick-up

Tired of departments, facilities, and units working in silos to get the staff they need to operate efficiently? Centralize your communication and schedule management with one single source of truth for open shifts, live updates to a smart schedule, and employee opt-in shift pick-ups. 

One online schedule
Employee opt-in shift notifications
Auto-approval (Optional)

Get data and analytics you need to actually get better at staffing. Schedulers will have the data they need to make the right decision for the business and the business will get optimization recommendations for where to hire, float, and cut back in the schedule.  

Tiered shift notifications
Smart schedule recommendations
Staff cost, credential, and performance information on every shift

"Staffing isn't an issue for us anymore. We have full shifts without the crazy agency bills.”

Annie Wingard
Executive Director, Skilled Nursing Facility

“Kevala saves me 10 hours a week. It literally takes me 5 minutes to plug in shifts and share."

Amanda Johnson
Scheduling Coordinator, Assisted Living Facility

“Staffing was our biggest challenge. Now I have great peace knowing if there is a need for registry there is a simple, efficient, effective method to obtain those services.”

Daniel Richardson
Administrator, Skilled Nursing Facility

"I've been doing staffing for 20 years and this is the best thing to happen to staffing since I started"

Connie Donaldson
Coordinator, Staffing and Purchasing

"I’m so excited. I posted and within an hour, shifts were being picked up. It's so easy to post and approve."

Kim Delgado
Executive Director, Assisted Living Facility

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