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December 20, 2023

Connecting the Dots: Scheduling Practices and Their Impact on CNA Turnover

Max Pinch
Healthcare Industry

A recent study conducted by Washington State University on part-time Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) strongly resonates with our mission to optimize scheduling practices in the healthcare space. 

The survey, spanning 6,221 part-time CNAs across 157 facilities over 26 months, highlighted a couple of crucial findings. 

One is the "U-shaped relationship" between hours worked and turnover. This signifies that both insufficient and excessive working hours contribute to higher turnover rates among part-time CNAs.

The second is that higher coworker variability is associated with increased turnover, meaning that the less consistent of a schedule a CNA has, the more likely they will be unhappy with their work. 

The study underscores what we at Kevala firmly believe – finding the right balance is key. Our schedule templates, overtime tracking system, and other product features are designed to empower healthcare facilities to create schedules that align with the needs of their employees. 

Start increasing retention today

Kevin Mayo, assistant professor of operations management at the WSU Carson College of Business had this to say about its purpose,

“The impact of our study goes beyond reducing turnover rates,” he said. “It's about scheduling in a mindful way that enhances the work environment for health-care workers, which in turn benefits the patients they care for and improves outcomes.” Kevala stands behind his philosophy of benefitting patients and improving outcomes as the overall focus. Here are a few actionable suggestions for healthcare facilities to integrate into their scheduling processes today:

Balancing all of your staff's workload: Utilize Kevala to ensure part-time CNAs are scheduled within the optimal range of hours, avoiding extremes and promoting job satisfaction. Kevala’s built-in overtime tracker and employee schedule view provide deeper visibility into each employee's workload. Promote the well-being and satisfaction of each staff member by balancing their workload. 

Maintain consistent scheduling: Leverage Kevala's features to implement consistent scheduling of coworkers, fostering a stable and familiar work environment. Within Kevala, you can create a schedule template that incorporates consistency for each of your part-time employees.

Make smart scheduling decisions: Kevala's tools empower managers to make informed decisions. By carefully managing hours worked and ensuring coworkers are scheduled together consistently, facilities can effectively reduce turnover rates.

Kevala firmly believes in the transformative power of balanced scheduling in the healthcare industry. The survey findings align seamlessly with our commitment to providing solutions that enhance workforce retention, satisfaction, and, ultimately, the quality of patient care. With Kevala, discover the harmony your scheduling practices deserve.

Read the full story here: SNN, Newswise

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