Modernize and simplify your staff compliance

Ditch the spreadsheets, paper files, or scattered folders. Automate your policy and compliance needs through Kevala.

Faster placements

Keep your staff ready to work with their required credentials following them to any shift.

Up-to-date records

Get alerts before records expire so your staff are always compliant and you are audit-ready.

Eliminate paper records

Drive operational improvements through digital transformation. And let’s face it, the planet needs to be saved.

How it works

Client shares open shifts through their Kevala portal
Your staff get alerted or you place a candidate
Everyone approves the timesheet immediately to avoid disputes
You get paid from Kevala and avoid costly delays

Real customer results

2x increase in approval rate
8 hrs saved per week per compliance FTE
99% reduction in response time to audit-requests

More resources

The Power of Digitization for Compliance

Compliance management is the continuing process of monitoring and evaluating an organization to ensure that all internal and external rules and regulations are followed.

How to Successfully Manage Compliance in Senior Living

Modern workforce management app by Kevala eases staffing and credential management.

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