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It’s Time to Unlock the “Gig” Workforce in Healthcare

The gig economy has embedded itself into the world of healthcare, but the question remains; How can healthcare facilities adapt and "unlock" this new and valuable source of labor?

Healthcare Industry
Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: Kevala CEO Talks Flexibility and Technology on Bridge the Gap Podcast

Listen to our Co-founder and CEO, Todd Owens, on an episode of Bridge the Gap Podcast. They discuss flexibility in healthcare staffing, technology and its impact on the industry, and exactly how Kevala is making an impact.

Healthcare Industry
Do You Want to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Healthcare Facility? Invest in Your Scheduler

In our eyes, the nurse scheduler is one of the most valuable assets of a healthcare facility, and we can tell you why. Our head of product, Carin Overturf, dives into the key responsibilities of the scheduler and the traits they must embody to create success in their facility.

Healthcare Industry
Update: Start Filling Open Shifts With Your Permanent Staff

This new update allows Kevala users to share open shifts with their permanent employees! Make the next step toward optimizing how you staff and learn the many benefits of this new feature.

Healthcare Industry
The Importance of Competition in Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare staffing is due for a change of pace. Todd Owens, CEO of Kevala and an industry expert, explains the trajectory of healthcare staffing and why competition is vital for its progression.

Healthcare Industry
Kevala Care Network Timesheets are LIVE!

As a healthcare facility that uses Kevala’s network of caregivers, we have an exciting update for you. You will now have access to review and approve all Kevala Care Network timesheets in the KCN Timesheets tab on your account. We want to give your facility the control and insight you need to feel confident operating with the Kevala Care Network.

Healthcare Industry
Shift Explorer and Schedule are LIVE!

All Kevala Care Network members can now explore shifts and view their schedules in a new and improved way! Read about the new update here.

Healthcare Industry
6 Ways To Optimize Staffing

Long-term care facilities must be open to change if they want to implement true nursing shortage solutions. We go through the 6 best ways to optimize your staffing practices.

Healthcare Industry
Kevala's Staffing Report Dashboard is Live

Our new Kevala dashboard offers higher visibility and more insight into how you. Access to real-time data can do so much for your facility. Learn more here.

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