In-App Messaging

Communication between a healthcare organization, its staff, and its staffing partners is critical to success. Kevala offers an in-app messaging feature, creating an instant bridge of communication. 

How Direct Messaging Will Change the Way You Staff

Current forms of communication in healthcare between staff and administration are unreliable and unsecure. Rather than other messaging apps, phone calls, texts, or emails, centralize your staffing communications through one, HIPAA-compliant place like Kevala. 

One single source of communication will provide all parties with the fastest, easiest, and most versatile way to communicate with each other. This creates the consistency and transparency healthcare needs with its communication.

Boost Relationships

Trust and dependability are critical for staffing partnerships to work. Relationships improve by exchanging feedback, giving updates, and asking or answering questions. 

The end goal of providing the best patient care remains the same. Garnering a better relationship through a higher level of communication will help achieve that goal.

Streamline Communication

With direct messaging, you'll have a single, instant communication channel. The chat will become the go-to platform for contacting your staff, operator, or agency partner. Additionally, a notification system for unread messages ensures faster response times.

No more indirect communication methods and delayed response times. Kevala will bring your healthcare organization clear and consistent messaging.

Increase Visibility

A constant flow of communication between parties can promote better staffing practices, allowing for more updates, clarifications, questions, and feedback. This also ensures a communication history to serve as a reference point. Both parties can refer to the discussions, decisions, and agreements timeline.

Kevala provides a direct line of communication between staffing partners and operators, opening the door to an improved relationship. A more collaborative partnership will make improving patient care and operational efficiency easy.

Find out how direct messaging will impact the way you staff.