The Kevala Care Network

Join Kevala's own curated network of nurses, caregivers, and staffing agencies that fill shifts directly for healthcare facilities.

The Kevala Care Network difference


Kevala partners with the best. We work with highly rated facilities and the best nurses and caregivers in their areas. Our staff are fully insured, W-2 employees.


We build trust in our network with the fewest canceled shifts in the industry. You can count on shifts being available and your nurse or caregiver showing up.


96% of the facilities in our network post shifts regularly and 75% of our nurses and caregivers return to work at a facility after picking up their first shift there.


Get access to more shifts

Thousands of open shifts are shared daily in Kevala across the nation. Want access to those? Join the Kevala Care Network to start filling shifts at new facilities.

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Get flexibility and control over your schedule

Work when and where you want. It's free (and easy) to join the Kevala Care Network. Apply now and you can start picking up shifts immediately.

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Refer a friend or facility

Kevala Care Network members can earn extra cash for referring a qualified healthcare professional to join, once they work their first shift. You can also make money referring a facility you’d like to join the network.