Open Shift Management

Open shift management helps healthcare facilities simplify their scheduling process. Internal and external labor pools have access to your available shifts from one platform. This centralized method allows for clear communication and a full schedule.

What is Open Shift Management?

Due to outdated systems and processes, the healthcare industry has struggled to keep shifts full. Juggling multiple labor pools, including permanent employees, float pool staff, and agency workers, can lead to major challenges.

To overcome these challenges, healthcare organizations require a centralized tool to effectively fill all open shifts. This is where Kevala's open shift management comes in.

Our open shift management tool helps fill all available shifts, creating the efficiency that healthcare needs. It eliminates any disorganization that could lead to costly mistakes. With Kevala's solution, schedulers can easily post their organization's open shifts in one place, streamlining the process.

We provide an easy-to-use solution. Read on to understand why an open shift management system is critical in healthcare staffing.

Centralized Scheduling

Our open shift management platform brings all available shifts to one place. This eliminates the need for multiple schedules and disconnected channels. 

Any labor pool can apply for shifts posted on Kevala. Schedulers and administrators approve, and the shift is now filled. This centralized approach enhances control, visibility, and overall efficiency in scheduling.

Improved Coordination and Communication

Effective coordination and communication are vital elements in scheduling. Our platform facilitates seamless dialogue between schedulers and staff. A clear and timely transmission of shift information, updates, and scheduling changes is available through direct messaging

By utilizing our open shift management software, you gain a transparent line of communication that minimizes errors, eliminates miscommunication, and enhances overall coordination

Internal Employee Utilization

One of the key advantages of our open shift management tool is granting access to internal employees. By centralizing open shift availability, organizations can connect their own workforce. This reduces reliance on costly external staffing and agency workers. 

Giving your permanent employees a chance to fill your open shifts benefits your facility in many ways. Internal employee utilization promotes engagement and flexibility. They are familiar with the organization's processes and better align with the facility's culture. This valuable resource will pay off massively if used to its full potential.

An open shift management platform will transform how the healthcare industry is staffed. With a centralized way to schedule all open shifts in one place, healthcare facilities gain control, visibility, and efficiency. 

Maximize cost savings and engagement by utilizing an open shift management tool, integrating your internal staff and external labor pools to fill your open shifts.

Find out how our open shift management platform works.