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October 4, 2023

Optimize How You Staff: Introducing Kevala’s New Scheduling Solution

Max Pinch
Kevala news

Kevala is thrilled to announce the release of our next-generation employee scheduling software. This announcement marks a pivotal moment in our mission to improve  healthcare workforce management on a global scale. Our path to optimizing staff distribution and alleviate the effects of the staffing crisis start with this innovative strategy for more efficient scheduling.

A holistic approach

Outdated scheduling systems were built to manage a single workforce, employed by your organization and building a regular, predictable schedule. But that’s now how today’s healthcare staff want to work. Increasingly, workers want flexibility and you end up staffing from full time, part time, float pools, and staffing agencies to keep your care quality high. 

Kevala has finally released a scheduling platform built to manage all of the available staff in your area, from any labor pool including your own.  . You’ll have the power to tap into agency partners, float pools, and full-time staff from a single platform. All built so you have an intuitive way to build your schedule. 

With Kevala’s full scheduling software, you can compare candidates based on factors of your choice. Compare rates, quality, credentials, and experience, ensuring you always choose the best fit for each shift.

In addition, Kevala’s scheduling platform connects facilities to an agency marketplace. An easy way to tap into local staffing agencies and fill their open shifts as needed. 

A solution that’s good for administrators and staff

Kevala’s scheduling solution can also determine required staffing levels for the fluctuating demands healthcare brings. It tracks things like overtime, worker preferences, time off, credentials, and more. 

This bridges the gap between administrative tasks and a facility's schedule, which will lower labor costs and improve the quality of care delivered. 

Continuing our journey

Kevala began in the world of healthcare staffing, where the need for a holistic approach was apparent. The separation of labor pools led to costly mistakes and miscommunications. It even hindered overall patient care. On top of that, the staffing crisis made it clear, the industry needed a completely new workforce strategy. 

A strategy that combines innovation, efficiency, and technology.

Our CEO, Todd Owens recognized this need for a new strategy and set out to build Kevala. A complete workforce management platform dedicated to reshaping the healthcare workforce landscape.

Releasing our scheduling solution is a huge leap forward. Grappling with the challenges the industry has faced for years, we want to press the need for a dependable solution. An easy way for healthcare facilities to get access to reliable staff when they need it, without the administrative burden.

To combat the staffing crisis, a move from manual processes to automation is crucial. Simplifying scheduling, tracking compliance, and handling administrative tasks is vital to improve staff allocation and lessen operational challenges.

Kevala also identified a large gap in how data is used in staffing and scheduling. . Healthcare facilities must be able to leverage their data with intent. Data should not merely accumulate but actively guide decision-making, driving tangible improvements in patient care, staff management, and resource allocation.

At Kevala, we recognize these needs from years of experience in the industry. We know what it will take to finally end the staffing crisis and we plan on doing just that. 

Smart Technology: Identify, Predict, Automate


Smart technology is the future. At Kevala, we understand where the opportunities are and how we as a software company can capitalize on them. Like we said before, healthcare facilities must use their data more strategically. 

Using data, smart technology can identify the specific staffing needs of healthcare facilities. This includes recognizing factors like patient census, budget constraints, and staffing regulations that influence staffing requirements.

Then, using advanced data analytics and AI algorithms, smart technology will predict staffing needs based on historical data, current trends, and other relevant variables. It will provide recommendations for achieving goals such as cost reduction and time savings, helping facilities make informed decisions.

Last, to streamline the staffing process, smart technology will automate various tasks like matching qualified staff to the right shifts. This automation will not only improve efficiency but also ensure that healthcare facilities can meet fluctuating demands while staying within budget and compliance guidelines.

Our journey toward optimization in healthcare staffing is guided by the adoption of smart technologies that simplify tasks, offer valuable recommendations, and uncover essential insights. This is the direction we're headed in.

Kevala’s Next Phase: Workforce Optimization

At Kevala, we're on a mission to transform healthcare staffing for the better. We have the foundation set and here's what we're up to and why it matters. 

AI-powered Help

We're using smart technology to help schedulers save time and do their jobs better. Our goal is to make their work more efficient and effective by providing them with valuable insights and suggestions.

Smarter Scheduling

By connecting to your EMR/EHR system, we can create schedules that are a perfect fit for your needs. These schedules focus on patient care and also consider costs and employee preferences. It's all about finding the right balance.

Virtual Assistant

We're working on a 24/7 virtual assistant that can support your schedulers. This virtual assistant can answer questions, help with shift changes, keep track of time records, and make sure everything is in line. It's like having an extra set of hands to make scheduling easier.

The Vision for the Future

With Kevala's scheduling software, we're not just providing a solution; we're ushering in a new era. Our vision is to change the healthcare staffing landscape, creating an efficient, responsive, and reliable staffing solution that adapts to the evolving needs of the industry. 

We're not stopping here; this is just the beginning of Kevala's next phase. Our journey continues as we work to harness the power of smart technology. The future of healthcare staffing is bright, and Kevala is at the forefront, leading the way toward a more efficient healthcare landscape. 

Visit to learn more about our scheduling software.

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