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October 4, 2023

Kevala Announces Release of Next Generation Healthcare Scheduling Solution

Max Pinch
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SEATTLE, October 4, 2023 - Kevala, a leader in healthcare workforce optimization technology, is proud to announce their new employee scheduling platform. This announcement is a significant step in Kevala’s commitment to advancing the efficiency and quality of healthcare on a global scale. 

"The healthcare labor shortage is quickly becoming a public health crisis," said Todd Owens, Co-founder and CEO of Kevala. “We are totally committed to delivering innovative solutions that help healthcare operators do more with less.”

Kevala’s new scheduling solution allows healthcare facilities to easily build a schedule and then cost-effectively fill gaps in that schedule with workers from any pool of labor including internal full time, part time, float pool staff or local staffing agencies. By comparing rates, quality, credentials, and experience, healthcare systems will be able to more quickly and effectively find and select the best provider for each shift. 

In addition, Kevala’s scheduling solution is connected to Kevala’s Agency Marketplace. An online, easy-access place for healthcare facilities to tap into local staffing agencies to fill their needs on a short-term basis. Now, healthcare facilities have direct access to all of the agencies in their area which Kevala believes increases quality and lowers costs for the staff they need. 

Creating an Optimal Schedule

Kevala’s new scheduling solution has the building blocks necessary to determine the appropriate level of staffing required to meet the fluctuating demands of healthcare. Once the staffing levels have been determined, Kevala’s solution tracks scheduled hours, overtime, schedule preferences, time off, credentials, and more to determine the best fit for the required shifts across any labor pool.

This combination of the right number of shifts with the right person in the shift has the potential to lower labor costs while also improving the quality of care delivered.

Innovation in Healthcare

The healthcare staffing crisis is escalating. With demand far outpacing available resources, Kevala currently provides staffing solutions to hundreds of healthcare facilities across the United States, making a tangible impact on addressing this issue.

Kevala's scheduling software represents a significant step towards creating a more efficient, responsive, and sustainable staffing solution. As they continue to expand their reach and influence, Kevala is poised to shape the future of healthcare staffing.

About Kevala: 

Kevala is an intelligent workforce management platform dedicated to reshaping the healthcare workforce landscape. They are committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare facilities and workers. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Kalley Anderson

Kevala Technologies, Inc

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