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December 19, 2022

Shift Explorer and Schedule are LIVE!

Max Pinch
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At Kevala, we’re dedicated to continually improving the lives of our dedicated healthcare workers in the Kevala Care Network. In support of that mission, we’re excited to introduce our nurses and caregivers to their new shift explorer and schedule on  

Everything our nurses and caregivers need is now in a single, easy-to-use account view. Access all posted shifts, your schedule, and your timesheets from one place. Improving the way you can find and select shifts, make setting your own schedule much easier.

What’s New

Shift Explorer:

The shift explorer has seen major improvements. As you look through the calendar, shifts from facilities in your state will be available. Directly select a day on your calendar that you are available. This makes finding shifts on either weekends or holidays much easier.

The explorer also has a new feature where you can filter between AM, PM, or NOC shifts. The shift filter will cut down on wasted time looking through shifts you know you can’t or don't want to work. Just select your desired shift type and set your schedule from there. 

When you find a shift you want to apply for, simply click on that shift to view the shift details and the apply button. 

Along with the filter by shift type, you will soon be able to filter by facility. This will enable you to see the availability of your preferred shifts. Now you can find your available days then filter to your favorite facilities, and finally, select your desired shift type to create your perfect schedule


Stay organized with the new schedule section in It provides you with a better overview of your schedule, where you can view both your confirmed and pending shifts all in one place. 

If you applied for a shift but can’t work it anymore, select the shift and hit “withdraw application”. No more need to worry about pending shift approvals you know you can’t work.

Get Started

You’re already using to fill your timesheets. Now you can also view your schedule and explore shifts from that same place. Just log in to that and enjoy the new schedule and explore shifts tabs. 

While will remain active temporarily, we encourage you to start using to find shifts and view your schedule as soon as possible. So many improvements await you there! .

We hope brings a better experience to our amazing Kevala Care Network. Simplifying the process of finding shifts allows you to be more selective and set an ideal schedule for yourself. Look at open shifts, set your schedule, and fill out your timesheets all under one roof. 

Learn how our shift explorer and schedule features work and book a demo here!

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