Smart Scheduling

Kevala's software will supercharge your scheduler, giving them all of the information needed to make the ideal schedule. Using census numbers, employee preferences, and other relevant information, our smart software will build your perfect schedule that keeps your shifts full.

What is Smart Scheduling?

Kevala’s smart scheduling is a tool that seamlessly works alongside your facility's needs. Filling your open shifts does not have to be a tedious and complicated process. 

Through automation, the software will assign the best staff to the right shifts using trend analysis, provider criteria, and census data. Take some of the work off your scheduler and use technology that helps. Let's dig deeper into what our smart scheduling tool offers.

Build Your Schedule Based On Needs

Fluctuating census numbers create a common staffing challenge. Schedulers must understand and maintain correct staff levels to ensure their patients get the care they need. Our scheduling platform adapts to this type of information and adjusts accordingly. 

Identifying scheduling gaps can make a significant operational impact. A smart schedule tool will be able to find these gaps that a scheduler may otherwise overlook.

Smart Shift Matching

Filling your open shifts can be both time-consuming and challenging. Relying on multiple labor pools or overtime incentives creates complications. With a smart shift matching tool, Kevala can match the right staff to your open shifts based on credentials, skills, certification, and preferences.

Our shift matching tool is not just about filling shifts but getting the right staff to fill them.


Integrating a smart scheduling system with additional information sources enhances its functionality. It enables the system to make data-driven decisions so you can allocate your staff correctly. By leveraging the power of integrations, healthcare facilities can unlock the full potential of their scheduling software.

Kevala's smart scheduling software simplifies the whole process. Your ideal schedule will be made for you through shift matching, identifying needs, and integrations.

Start scheduling smarter and learn more about Kevala's solution.