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February 2, 2023

Kevala Care Network Timesheets are LIVE!

Max Pinch
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As a healthcare facility that uses Kevala’s network of caregivers, we have an exciting update for you. You will now have access to review and approve all Kevala Care Network timesheets in the KCN Timesheets tab on your account. We want to give your facility the control and insight you need to feel confident operating with the Kevala Care Network.

Here is the breakdown of how you can use and benefit from our new timesheet update.

Approvals and Rejections:

The new update will give you the option to view, approve, and reject all timesheets that are submitted by the Kevala Care Network

When you go into KCN timesheets and select the “Needs Review” tab, you will see submitted timesheets waiting for approval or rejection. 

  • When a timesheet gets submitted by a provider, you will have until 11:59 PM the following day to either approve or reject it.
  • IMPORTANT: If you don’t action the timesheet within that time frame, it will be auto-approved. 
  • Any timesheets submitted Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be auto-approved the following Monday at 11:59 PM. 
  • When a timesheet is going into auto-approval, you will receive a notification (email or text)

The “Needs Review” tab will have an overview of the timesheets, starting with the most recently submitted. You can hit the approve button for individual timesheets or click the timesheet to see the shift details. 

If you approve a timesheet:

  • It will be moved to the “Approved” tab
  • You can then view the timesheet and the shift details for all approved timesheets

If you reject a timesheet:

  • You will see the shift details and where you must provide a reason for the rejection
  • Once the rejection is submitted, the provider will be asked to revise the error and re-submit
  • The timesheet will show as re-submitted
  • If you need to reject the timesheet again, contact us at

View Previous Timesheets

All manually approved and auto-approved timesheets will be available for your view in the “Approved” tab. The record of timesheets will serve as one single source of truth for the hours the Kevala Care Network has worked. 

Each approved shift will be shown as:

Why is This Update Important?

The power to approve or reject timesheets that you deem inaccurate is essential for both your facility and your KCN providers. Accurate invoicing and accountable staff are critical to creating more efficiency at your facility.

Viewing all past timesheets will provide you with better insight into your facility's spend and help you to anticipate invoicing. Getting a better overall picture of your facility's operations and receiving real-time data will lead to better decision-making. 

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