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How to Successfully Manage Compliance in Senior Living


Sourcing and managing talent is a constant challenge in senior living. With resignations among healthcare workers up 3.6% in 2021, assisted living communities are searching for simple solutions to source and manage permanent and agency staff, retain workers, and keep costs under control amid heightened compliance measures and a worsening staffing crisis.

Thankfully, workforce management has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s now possible to ditch the file cabinet and easily stay up to date with immunization records, training programs, nurse licenses and certifications, and schedules. 

Digital tools like Kevala’s  intelligent workforce management app are making it possible to not only survive, but thrive. This simple piece of software can save you time, reduce paperwork, and keep you compliant.

Streamlining scheduling and compliance across permanent, float, and agency staff (a new model of staffing that Kevala dubs “the hybrid workforce”) allows both staff and residents to live more rewarding lives with greater flexibility and choice. It empowers senior living communities to scale profitably as an increasing number of Americans are reaching retirement age and the industry rebounds from the effects of the pandemic. 

1. Easily Manage Employees with Secure Software

Imagine a senior living community where manually operated spreadsheets and filing cabinets  are relics of the past. 

Now visualize a working environment in which all credentials (for both employees and agency staff) are managed through an easy-to-use software solution, and schedules are filled automatically via a curated list of on-call nurses and certified assistants. Sounds like a scene straight out of the Jetsons, right? 

Kevala deploys an integrated and intelligent platform that’s easily accessible through a secure mobile app. The software unifies and optimizes the scheduling of permanent, contract, and per-diem workers, thus decreasing the vulnerability of staffing shortages. The solution increases employee productivity, automates records management, and heightens quality of care by freeing up time better spent with residents. 

2. Streamline Compliance Management 

We get it. Government regulations and corporate policies are constantly changing both internally and externally, and deciphering current guidelines is a job in itself. 

Luckily, it’s never been easier to ensure all your staff and departments are in compliance with current regulations. 

Kevala’s integrated and intelligent software solution makes verifying and monitoring staff compliance effortless, regardless of whether they’re permanent, contract, or per-diem employees. 

The system intuitively determines which staff members are up to date on their licensure, training and certifications, and alerts them directly when there is an expiring record, so you can spend more time on care. 

3. Eliminate Busy-work

Is your senior living community ready for the gray wave

As 73 million baby boomers are now at or above retirement age, senior and long-term care communities are bracing for an influx of both residents and staff. 

These increases create a necessity to streamline processes and reduce operational inefficiencies through use of automation. 

By reimagining and designing operational process with technology as a key enabler, communities can streamline productivity, reduce costs, and provide guests with 21st century solutions that are more resilient than they were pre-pandemic.

4. Schedule with Intention

Staffing needs change depending on census and acuity. The last two years have unfortunately taught us how quickly both can change. Kevala was born during COVID, and built for this new world.

One tactic to ensure proper staffing levels is to strike the right balance between permanent and agency staff.  Too much of either is not a good thing.  Fortunately, technology can help.

It’s time to create schedules that accomodate your resident needs and financial budget while allowing you to free up time to build a stronger community and experience for your residents. 

5. Embrace Automation

It’s 2023! Automation is here to stay, it’s your friend, maybe even your lifeline, and Kevala’s integrated workforce management app was built from the ground up to harness it.  If something can be automated, Kevala will automate it!

Sure, the senior living industry isn’t acclaimed for their technological expertise. 

At least not yet. 

Kevala’s cutting-edge labor management solution empowers facilities to re-establish control of their compliance and scheduling in this new era of long-term care.

6. Discover Talent Quickly

Pressure is mounting across senior living to discover and hire the necessary talent needed to deliver quality care as occupancy rates return to normal. 

The Kevala Care Network offers a ready pool of talent for per diem shifts, allowing operators to build new relationships easily and instantaneously, without the need for job postings or back-and-forth emails and messaging. 

Our technology allows for easy placement of caregivers of your choice based on preference and need. Tap our network for a single shift, a handful of shifts, or a long term contract. If you like what you see, we make it easy for you to hire them directly.

7. Increase The Bottom Line 

Providers are finally starting to rebound from pandemic-related financial losses. While the industry as a whole will undoubtedly remain resilient in the long-term, the need for high-tech solutions that offset costs, balance budgets, and increase profits is long overdue. 

Expanding the use of technology will allow more time and resources to devote towards innovating and perfecting the community you serve. 

Read more about Kevala’s workforce management platform here.

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