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May 3, 2023

Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: Kevala CEO Talks Flexibility and Technology on Bridge the Gap Podcast

Max Pinch
Healthcare Industry

Our very own CEO and Co-founder, Todd Owens, got the opportunity to talk with the team over at Bridge the Gap Podcast during this year's Spring NIC conference. The episode features conversations surrounding challenges in healthcare staffing and the solutions Kevala provides.

Todd discusses how the gig economy is here and here to stay. Nurses and other healthcare staff require work-life balance, control over their schedules, and flexibility. We have seen it in plenty of industries, and healthcare is finally getting on board.

The episode also dives into how technology plays the most significant role of all. Todd explains through his lens, how Kevala brings all labor pools, including agencies, float pools, and internal staff, together. 

Technology like Kevala provides real-time data and analytics right to your scheduler so they can easily make the best staffing decision. Software should be made to make an immediate impact while not being difficult or time-consuming to start using.

If you want to have a great understanding of who Kevala is, why we are here, and what problems we are solving, check out Todd's episode of the Bridge the Gap Podcast

You can also watch the full episode on Youtube.

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