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How Burnout is Impacting the Healthcare Industry
Todd Owens

How Burnout is Impacting the Healthcare Industry

By Kevala CEO Todd Owens

Employee burnout is an issue impacting every industry and every sector. And, unfortunately, burnout in healthcare is not a new issue in the health care industry. It has persisted and been prevalent for decades. 

The current work environment post-pandemic has made the problem even more acute. 

In a recent article by Axios, the statement “the health care workforce shortage problem” hit home for Kevala CEO Todd Owens because of what he sees and hears working with nurses day in and day out. 

We tend to talk about public health issues in the context of a new disease, spreading infection in a community, an aggressive flu season, or a pandemic.

In my view, as CEO of Kevala, there is a silent public health issue. It’s the nursing staff shortage + burnout issue itself. This is a public health crisis. And it creates a negative multiplier for all health concerns that people face.

I call it the silent supply chain disaster in healthcare.

Automation, Value-Based Care, Smart Scheduling, treating flex work as a must-have for a must-have workforce, and making it possible for more nurses to get credentialed more quickly should all be on the table as elements of the solution. 

An open discussion on these topics, and action, can make a dent in the health care burnout issue.  

Solving this problem will make all patients feel better.

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