Schedule Recommendations

Smart schedule recommendations empower healthcare organizations to build their ideal schedule. These recommendations optimize staffing for more efficient operations by using data-driven insights.

What Schedule Recommendations Look Like

Schedule recommendations provide valuable insights into scheduled hours. They identify employees nearing overtime, allowing proactive management to prevent burnout. They also highlight employees at risk of falling short of their required hours, enabling adjustments for proper coverage.

These recommendations expand even further than hours worked. They can take into account skills, qualifications, costs, and more. With Kevala's insights, your recommendations will be geared toward your organization.

Enhance Shift Coverage

Schedule recommendations suggest cost-effective staffing options based on skills and qualifications. They propose enhanced utilization of different license types and promote flexibility and skill development. These recommendations also consider an employee's experience with specific shifts, enhancing scheduling efficiency and continuity of care.

AI-Driven Insights

AI-driven insights analyze data to offer accurate and data-backed recommendations. Organizations gain valuable insights into staffing patterns, trends, and optimization opportunities. These improved recommendations also incorporate past performance and user feedback. 

Using AI and data analytics specific to your organization, Kevala takes your unique needs to help build the ideal schedule.

Build an Optimized Schedule

Many factors must be taken into account to optimize your healthcare facility's schedule. Based on data, trends, and other information Kevala can provide recommendations unique to your organization. With a comprehensive staffing solution like Kevala, you can take one step closer to a fully optimized schedule.

Build an ideal schedule with confidence, leveraging data-driven insights for efficient operations. Enhance shift coverage, control costs, and promote skill development with Kevala's smart schedule recommendations.

Find out how our schedule recommendations can help your healthcare organization achieve efficiency.