Agency Vendor Management Software

Our vendor management software enables facilities to take control over their use of agency through a single platform. Streamlining communication, managing relationships, and ensuring optimal staffing levels are all achieved through Kevala.

What is Vendor Management Software?

Filling your open shifts amid an industry-wide staffing shortage can be difficult. A reliance on outside contract labor, such as staffing agencies, has provided the healthcare industry with necessary staff and flexibility in tough times. The key to creating a healthy staffing agency and healthcare facility relationship is how it’s managed. Kevala offers a vendor management solution to fill shifts efficiently with the best possible staff that both healthcare facilities and agency vendors love. 

Vendor management software allows healthcare providers to oversee their agency relationships, ensuring that they have access to qualified staff. It provides a centralized platform for coordinating and communicating with various agency vendors, simplifying the scheduling and invoicing processes.

Kevala wants to get your organization the best possible staff, and we do that through our vendor management service.

Manage Agency Relationships

Efficiently managing agency relationships is vital to maintaining a reliable and skilled workforce. Connecting to all your agency partners through Kevala’s vendor management platform helps foster these relationships. Our direct messaging feature lets you quickly respond and clarify information without email or phone call delays. It tracks data on filled shifts by varying agencies and the providers who fill them. 

Healthy relationships with agency partners will ensure your shifts remain filled with high-quality staff.

Centralized Data & Invoicing

Access to all your agency data from a single source allows for a more data-driven approach to staffing. Through reporting and analytics, better decisions will be made. An accurate picture of how you use your agency partners creates consistency and transparency throughout your organization. 

Managing invoices from multiple agency vendors can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. Connecting your agency relationships through Kevala allows for a much simpler method of invoicing.

Make Informed Staffing Decisions

Through real-time data, our vendor management software will allow for more informed decision-making when filling your open shifts. It offers rate comparisons, work experience, and other relevant information, empowering healthcare organizations to choose the best individual staff that meet their specific needs and quality standards.

By adopting a data-driven approach, organizations gain the power to make informed staffing decisions. Meeting patient demand and effectively managing costs is what an agency vendor management solution can do.

Kevala streamlines how you manage your agency relationships, giving you much more control. You will always stay fully staffed through our vendor management software while saving money on external staffing costs.

Find out how you can manage your agency relationships more effectively with Kevala.