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December 5, 2022

Kevala's Staffing Report Dashboard is Live

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The launch of our staffing report dashboard and reporting has arrived! This dashboard will help you visualize, understand, and actively improve how you staff your facility. 

You can now get access to real-time data that you have never had before. The dashboard provides you with a clear understanding of your agency use with easy-to-read charts and graphs. You can finally make well-informed decisions about how you staff your facilities and create a high-efficiency workplace. 


The dashboard gives you access to real-time data that shows how many hours are booked for each one of your agencies. Break down data on the total hours that have been posted and what shifts have been confirmed by what agencies. 

You can break it down even further. Use the data as a leading indicator of upcoming agency spend. Look at your agency usage in both the previous weeks and in the coming weeks to track usage and plan for agency invoices. 

If you are looking for any insight on the per diem staff an agency sent to your facility, check out the breakdown of provider hours. It shows the top providers from each agency every week. 

With a broad view of real-time data on agency usage, you can identify trends or outliers in the data you would have never been able to see before.

New Access and Insight

The dashboard will open up a whole new world of valuable insights. No more manual reconciliation work that you don’t have time to complete. The dashboard does it for you.

Having a clear understanding of your agency usage will allow you to make informed decisions when scheduling. If you are looking to cut down on the use of agency, or eliminate it completely, understanding how, when, and who you are using it for is where you can start.  

Have you ever had to reconcile hours for accounting and invoicing purposes? Our guess is you probably have. The dashboard acts as a single source of scheduled hours for both your facility and agency. If you need to clarify what was scheduled and budgeted vs. who actually showed up and for how long, just check the reconciliation table.

Access to real-time data like this opens up doors to initiate real positive change to your facility. Do you want to reduce reliance on agency? Improve efficiency? Save money on costs? These all require a great understanding of how you staff and schedule. Gaining insights from your Kevala dashboard is the first step.

Now it’s Time to Get Started

If you have already adopted Kevala’s staffing solution for your facility, great news! The dashboard is loaded and ready for you to look at in your account. If you are looking to get data like this on your facility, book a demo here.

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