November 1, 2022
Healthcare Industry
Announcing: Kevala & SnapNurse Partnership

Bringing You Access To Even More Caregivers, Nurses, and Clinicians

Today, we’re excited to announce our strategic partnership with SnapNurse, one of the largest tech-enabled healthcare staffing providers in the United States. Through this partnership, Kevala customers will be able to share their open shifts with SnapNurse clinicians and caregivers directly from their Kevala account. This partnership is an important step in our mission to help healthcare organizations streamline their staffing operations and enable them to build a flexible workforce that keeps shifts full. 

We recognize that staffing agencies are critical to our healthcare system, keeping shifts full and delivering quality care when it’s needed. Today’s workers want flexibility and staffing agencies are able to provide that flexibility that allows qualified individuals to work the schedule that makes sense for their lives. Whether that’s part-time or additional time, healthcare workers are available if given the opportunity to drive their schedule. 

However, managing agency relationships and keeping shift details straight can be a task too complex and too labor-intensive for any one person or facility. The result is often unfilled shifts, expensive double bookings, and overworked scheduling coordinators driving turnover in a critical position to the business. 

So we’ve set out to build the largest, single marketplace for healthcare staffing by connecting healthcare facilities and staffing agencies through technology like never before. With Kevala, healthcare schedulers, facilities, owners, and operators will have a one-stop shop for the staff they need, when they need it.

Connecting the SnapNurse network of over 350,000 clinicians to healthcare facilities through the Kevala platform is just the first step toward a better staffing future. 

Read the full press release here.

Interested in adding SnapNurse clinicians to your shift notifications through Kevala? Contact us today at to get started.

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