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November 1, 2022

SnapNurse Partners with Kevala to Streamline Per Diem Staffing in Healthcare

Healthcare Industry

Seattle, Washington, November 1, 2022. SnapNurse, one of the largest tech-enabled healthcare staffing providers in the United States, and Kevala, a new technology platform connecting flexible labor pools and healthcare facilities, today announced the availability of an integration between the two solutions to more easily deploy local nurses and caregivers to healthcare facilities nationwide.

The partnership allows Kevala’s clients to access SnapNurse’s pool of over 350,000 clinicians through Kevala’s scheduling and workforce management technology. 

“Local staffing has forever been bogged down by inefficient communication pipelines between schedulers and their favorite agencies,” said Jeff Richards, interim CEO of SnapNurse. “As we continue to build the world’s most reliable workforce of clinicians, it’s great to partner with Kevala to put them to work.”

This announcement comes amidst continued staffing shortages in the healthcare industry, where operators are scrambling to keep shifts full. An estimated 95% of nursing homes in the United States are struggling to meet the minimum staffing requirements for their residents and patients. While the supplemental staffing industry remains incredibly fragmented, Kevala and SnapNurse are driving toward a new wave of innovation and creating a larger, more accessible pool of workers.  

“Staffing agencies play an important role in meeting workforce demands for greater flexibility and control over their schedule,” said Kevala Co-Founder and CEO Todd Owens. "At Kevala, we are committed to building tools that help operators and their agencies work more efficiently together. Now by partnering with SnapNurse, our clients will be able to access SnapNurse's nationwide network of reputable clinicians to keep shifts full."

SnapNurse was the first to enter and kick off Kevala’s staffing agency partner program. Through this program, Kevala will provide a software solution to match the nation’s fragmented network of staffing agencies with individual facilities in need of staff, all through a centralized technology platform. 

The integration to SnapNurse is currently available to all Kevala customers through their agency management software subscription. 

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