Reporting and Analytics

Kevala's reporting and analytics feature provides clear visibility and actionable insights. User-friendly dashboards will lead to data-driven decisions opening the door to an optimal staffing strategy.

Why are reporting and analytics tools necessary?

Reporting and analytics hold immense value when used strategically. By setting clear goals, you can harness the power of your data to improve your operations. Here's how our reporting and analytics tool will set your organization on a path to efficiency.

Data-Driven Insights

Kevala's analytics and reporting tool unlocks a path from real-time data to actionable insights. With dashboards that show how you staff on a much deeper level, you can take steps toward improvement. 

The data includes weekly, monthly, and hourly information on who fills your open shifts. This includes outside agencies, float staff, and internal employees; it even details license types and top providers. Clear visibility into agency use and general staffing practices will lead to a more effective schedule.

Forecasting Staffing Costs

Use your data as a leading indicator of upcoming agency spend. By looking at your agency usage in the previous and coming weeks, you can plan for invoices. Break it down further, and see which agencies are used the most, compare their rates, and re-strategize how you schedule.

Reporting and Reconciliation

The dashboard provides a single source of scheduled hours. Use the reconciliation table to clarify what was scheduled and budgeted vs. who actually showed up and for how long. 

This feature provides an accurate record of your schedule, minimizing problems with invoicing and payroll. You can also download any data on your dashboard for accurate and punctual reporting.

Healthcare needs comprehensive reporting and analytics software as part of its staffing solution. With user-friendly dashboards, you can gain actionable insights and make better decisions. Understanding exactly how you staff opens up a world of financial and operational improvements.

Explore Kevala's reporting and analytics feature.