Credential Management

Kevala's credential management tool ensures accuracy and compliance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes. It provides one location for all employee information that can be easily accessed.

What is the Importance of Credential Management?

Ensuring your healthcare professionals have the proper certifications, licenses, qualifications, and training is essential. 

Mitigating the risk of having under-qualified staff through proper credentialing helps your facility avoid penalties and low-quality patient care. Our credential management solution tracks expirations, so you can always stay up to date. 

Credentials must be organized and easy to access in healthcare. With a single place to store all your employee information, maintaining compliance is a breeze.

Ensure Compliance

Staying compliant with government standards is crucial. Kevala's platform simplifies the process by identifying the necessary credentials for each employee. It offers convenient access to reliable training records, licenses, and certifications during inspections or audits.

Schedulers, administrators, or managers often need help accurately verifying their employees' credentials. Kevala's credential management tool handles this task, saving them time and effort.

Drive Accountability

Our nurse credentialing tool enhances accountability with a notification system. It notifies managers and administration when staff members' credentials are nearing expiration. This encourages them to obtain updated employee credentials and maintain accurate records proactively.

This proactive approach to credential management enhances the overall safety of patients while instilling a sense of responsibility within the organization.

Credential Packets/Uploads

Users can easily upload any necessary documents to Kevala. It also allows viewing credentials from all individual employees straight from the platform. 

Simplicity and ease of use make our credential management software a cut above the rest. Using physical copies, emails, or unorganized methods can harm your operations. Uploading credential packets will make things easy for you and your employees.

We offer a highly accessible way for healthcare organizations to maintain credentials. Digitally manage from one centralized place, maintain complete visibility, and ensure compliance.

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