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March 28, 2023

Kevala Update: Start Filling Open Shifts With Your Permanent Staff

Max Pinch
Kevala news

We are happy to announce this new and important update. Kevala users can now share all open shifts with internal employees. As we continue to improve our product, we want to keep our users as informed on each update as possible.

Let's dive into what this update is, why it matters, and how you and your staff will benefit from it. 


This update grants your permanent employees access to all the open shifts you post in Kevala. Your facility's RNs, CNAs, Caregivers, Medtechs, LPNs, or other positions can now pick up the open shifts you post. Once you add them in, they can begin to apply for the available shifts, the same as your agency partners would.

With this new way to fill your open shifts, your facility, and your staff will operate more efficiently and effectively.

Here are the benefits:

  • Improve employee satisfaction: Now that your internal staff can pick up open shifts, they have higher flexibility in their schedules. Your staff member choosing when to pick up an available shift rather than being told to work a shift can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction. Healthcare workers are requiring more and more flexibility in their jobs, and with this new update, you can provide that. 

  • Reduce staffing costs: Getting shifts filled can often be challenging, resulting in a reliance on staffing agencies or other external staffing services. By utilizing your internal staff to fill these inevitable open shifts, your staffing costs will begin to decrease. 

  • Save time scheduling: Now that your internal team can use Kevala to pick up your open shifts, you no longer need to spend time finding staff to fill them. Coordinating and convincing staff is all optimized through this new update. 

  • Create and manage a float pool: If your facility has fluctuating needs, this update provides an effective solution. The ability to create and manage an internal float pool of staff that can consistently pick up open shifts when needed. This valuable asset will save you on staffing costs and has many other operational advantages.

What Comes Next?

Kevala is your partner in bettering your facility operations. We want to continually improve how healthcare facilities are staffed and continue to focus our efforts on making technology that enables just that. We are excited to keep improving, and this update is a massive step toward making healthcare staffing as easy and efficient as possible. 

See how our scheduling tool works and book a demo today!

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