Float Pool Management

Efficiently manage and optimize your float pool using Kevala. It allows healthcare organizations to fill their open shifts with an internal, flexible labor pool rather than relying on costly outside agencies. Effectively utilizing a float pool will lower staffing costs and improve employee engagement by offering flexibility.

What is Float Pool Management?

Float pool management is an effective way to utilize your internal workforce. By deploying, managing, and optimizing a float pool team, healthcare organizations can efficiently fill their open shifts. This allows them to reduce reliance on outside staffing agencies and overtime costs while building a long-term solution to the staffing shortage.

Managing a float team requires staffing software that is comprehensive and easy to use. Kevala provides a float pool management tool to fill your open shifts effectively.

Long-Term Solution

A float pool provides a long-term solution for maintaining a skilled and flexible workforce. It allows you to fill staffing gaps and handle fluctuations in patient demand easily. 

With a flexible workforce that you can expand in areas you need it most, a float pool provides a safety net of staff. Build a sustainable gig workforce within your healthcare facility using Kevala.

Offer Flexibility

With float pool management, you can offer flexibility to your staff. This allows them to work across different units and gain diverse experience. Also, by offering your permanent staff to move to a more flexible role, your employee engagement will skyrocket.

The gig economy is ready to fill open shifts. Kevala enables you to unlock this workforce internally and keep your shifts full.

Drive Costs Down

Efficient float pool management helps drive down costs by reducing reliance on external agency staff. Through better internal resource allocation, you can also minimize overtime expenses. 

Healthcare organizations can minimize their staffing expenses by strategically managing the float pool. Achieving cost savings while maintaining optimal staffing levels is possible through Kevala's float pool management.

Kevala's float pool management software can bring control and cost savings to your healthcare organization. Unlock this new resource and tap into the gig economy for a better way to fill open shifts.

Learn how Kevala can help you build and manage an internal float pool.